Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Do It Yourself Wind Generator is Easy

Do It Yourself Wind Generator is Easy

Start to build a wind generator by yourself can seem very complicated, but is a very rewarding experience. The main reasons for building your own wind generator was because buying one was simple too expensive. A little DIY would save us thousands of dollars and help us save a ton of power and money in the future.

Once we decided to start installing a wind generator, it turned into something that was quite enjoyable. Despite all that complicated looking finished product is actually quite a simple east to build wind generator.
Homemade wind generator mainly installed because we wanted to reduce the electricity bill and seemed like the most cost effective way of saving money.

The first thing you should do is search for a good and proper wind turbine designs. Without a good set of instructions it can be quite a pain to get everything as you expected. After you've decided you wind generator models, you should gather all the materials together before you start building. 

Prepare well for all the tools and materials together. Here's a list of tools that you should prepare to start. First, a jig saw or a handsaw. Then, you also need a screwdriver, square, and some wrenches. The materials you'll need include: blades, motor, hub, 2'x4', metal strapping screws, paint, plywood and some dowel.

Once you have your wind generator parts together you can work on your DIY wind generators and start building! It's best to build them when you can spend a couple hours at a time on it. It shouldn't take longer than a weekend and enjoy the savings on your energy bill!

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