Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing a Wind Generator

Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing a Wind Generator

Now is the time to find new ways to save the hard earned money. One way that you can afford is using alternative energy sources to power the homes. The most popular methods to produce the renewable energy is by installing a wind generators or wind turbines.

Vertical wind turbines are wind power generators that have the gearbox and generator, both placed at the base and the main rotary shaft installed vertically.
This wind turbine design is efficient as it can be operate on minimal amounts of wind currents. 

The Advantage:
A vertical wind turbine does not need to be pointed at the direction where the wind is blowing from in order to be effective. In places where the wind may come from a scattered directions, this type of turbine can be very helpful.

The vertical wind turbine don't need to be installed in a wide open space for it to produce power. Low wind speeds won't be a problem for vertical wind turbines, because of their long and curved blades that are designed to be able to be pushed by very minimal wind power. 

Other benefit of the vertical wind generator is that they can still work in highly turbulent winds and can be installed on the ground, making repairs and maintenance a way easier.

The Disadvantage:
When installing it on the ground, the wind is slower, so the effectiveness of the wind turbine will also decrease. The free electricity that is produced isn't that much. Installing it on a tower will be quite difficult because of its unwieldy design. 

Other disadvantage that a vertical wind turbine has is the pulsating torque. This happens when opposing winds are blowing on both sides of the rotator shaft because the blades are light. The wind blades will tend to go in both direction then there is torque produced. 

This will reduce the efficiency of the wind turbine by damaging the blades. But nowadays, it won' be a problem again for new designs of vertical wind turbines.

So having seen the advantages and disadvantages of a vertical wind generator to produce renewable energy source, seems that it's still worth to install one. Just give it a try, everyone have to find ways to save their hard earned money, right?

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