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Wind Generators For Home Use - What You NEED to Know About Residential Wind Power

Wind Generators For Home Use - What You NEED to Know About Residential Wind Power

If you are tired of rising energy costs, you're not alone! Fortunately, the cost of harnessing renewable energy sources such as wind power has dropped dramatically in recent years because of advances in the technology.

Generous federal and state tax credits and rebates have also helped to increase interest in wind generators for home use. By powering your home with a wind generation system, not only are you able to lower your energy bill significantly, but you are helping to save the environment at the same time.

When most people hear the term "wind generator" it conjures images of mammoth towers hundreds of feet tall. The reality is that wind generators for home use are significantly smaller and more attractive than they used to be.

A typical small windmill may stand only 30 or 40 feet tall and have a two or three blade rotor with a diameter of around 8 to 25 feet. These wind generators are usually built on a guyed-lattice tower, although more expensive free standing models are also available.

Before you decide to make the switch to renewable wind energy, there are a few things to consider. The first is whether or not it will be economical to install a wind generation system. If you live in a remote location it may be prohibitively expensive to connect the generator to the local power grid if you plan on selling excess energy back to the utility company.

Another consideration is whether your location receives sufficient wind to operate a wind turbine. Obstructions can also be an issue such as tall trees or buildings. Many of these issues, however, can be addressed by consulting with a wind turbine manufacturer who will be able to determine the suitability of your location.

If your location does meet the requirements for effective wind power, great news! There are many benefits to wind generators for home use. The most important of course is lowering your energy bill. Typically a single wind turbine can reduce the electric bill of an average family by 15 to 20 percent.

Over time that can add up to a very significant savings and help to shield you from rising energy costs. In addition, when your home is drawing less power than your wind generation system is producing, your utility meter can actually go backwards! Many local utilities will buy this excess energy from you, leading to further energy savings.

Although wind generators for home use do involve an initial investment, much of this can be offset with generous federal and state tax credits and rebates. Thanks to the American Recovery and Re-investment Act of 2009 that President Obama signed into law, consumers can now receive a 30% tax credit on the cost of installing a wind turbine. Many states also have additional rebates or tax credits to encourage the adoption of renewable energy.

If you're interested in lowering your energy bills and doing your part to save the environment, investing in renewable wind energy is a smart choice. Thanks to advances in technology and widely available tax credits and rebates, wind generators for home use are now more efficient and cost effective than ever.

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