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Building a Wind Generator - Some Tips to Build a Wind Power Generator

Building a Wind Generator - Some Tips to Build a Wind Power Generator

Wind generator can be used to capture wind energy, which can be transformed into electricity. There are some basic steps that need to be followed to construct a wind generator. This is an alternative and best way to generate electricity.

Some of the simple steps that need to be followed to build a wind generator includes:

  • If the wind generator has to function properly it has to be positioned in such a way, so that it is able to receive maximum winds. So it has to be positioned some 20 feet higher.
  • You must also make sure that the place chosen does not include trees that are capable of blocking the direct sunlight.
  • Batteries can be used to store the excess electricity produced. Mostly rechargeable batteries are preferred.
  • The tower has to be firmly fixed to the ground to withstand strong winds.
  • Care should be taken before fixing the tower at the suitable place as the speed of wind need not be the same always and it need not flow in the same direction.
  • Then a suitable generator must be purchased. This generator is used to convert the wind energy into electricity.
  • Then the blades are cut with equal measurements and are placed with equal space on the hub. This is because only when equal space is left the blades can capture maximum wind.
  • We should design a system such that when the tower rotates due to very strong winds, it should protect the generator from damage.
  • If you are using disposable batteries then you can use two batteries. Even if one goes down you can use the other. To avoid all this rechargeable batteries are used.
  • Then wires are used to establish connectivity between all the devices.
  • Using a suitable cable the power generated is transferred down to the tower, after which it can be used for all the electrical appliances at home.
  • But since the electrical appliances at home make use of AC. The electricity generated is direct current. Therefore an inverter can be used to convert DC into AC.

Wind energy is another form of renewable energy. As the wind blows, the energy created by it can be used in homes, farms, and industries. Wind generator systems can be expensive, so many of them have decided to go with alternative ways to build their own homemade wind generator systems. If we follow some simple steps we can easily construct a wind generator.

If you are confident on how to construct the generator and if you are having the tools required to build a wind generator then you can immediately start making one for yourself. There are several plans that can help build your own wind generator You can learn about these plans and much more by visiting and build the generators to perfection.

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