Thursday, January 29, 2009

Building a Wind Generator

Building a Wind Generator

Building a wind generator is not a difficult task and you will be surprised to know that hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are producing electricity from their own home made wind power generators.

Electricity from renewable sources such as solar energy and wind energy are much cheaper and at the same time if you adopt these, you will definitely save our environment from pollution and global warming.

Actually you can buy a ready made assembled wind generator, however the cost of it will be in the rage of a few thousands dollars. The advantage of building a wind generator is that you can assemble it within $ 200 and therefore you have a potential to save thousands of dollars, which otherwise have been spent on buying the ready made generator.

Before you actually plan for building a wind generator, you will need to know the advantage of it especially the cost benefits of the generator. A wind generator requires space and height for installing the tower and blades of the generator and depending on the wind speed, these blades will move and will convert the wind energy into electricity.

Therefore before building a wind generator, you should also ensure that in addition to space, the wind speed in your area is also sufficient enough to produce electricity. If the average wind speed is below 5 miles per hour, the wind generators are generally not economical.

So, if you are sure that you get sufficient wind speed in your area, although most of the people live in areas where wind speed is sufficient to produce electricity, you can try building a wind generator at your home.

Start building a wind generator with the help of a guide available at Internet. If you follow the instructions given in guide, you can easily build a wind generator and produce free electricity.

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